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January 24, 2020


RxTank Webmaster Referral Program

RxTank Webmaster Referral Signup

Take Your Life Back into Your Own Hands
Like most people, you probably work a 9 to 5 job, away from the comfort of your home and family. However, this does not have to be your life forever. With today's poor economy, many 9 to 5 "clock-watchers" are discovering alternate sources of income online. You too can be one of these people who finds success outside of the traditional workplace.

At RxTank.com, we recognize that you have unique needs, and an extra $100 a week (like some businesses promise) isn't going to pay your bills any time soon.

Why Sell Medicine Online?
Prescription and drug sales is quickly becoming one of the most profitable markets available online. This year alone, millions of dollars in revenue have been generated by people trying to get out of their constricting workplaces and into their own businesses. What we offer you is the chance to earn residual income for referring members to our site without having a doctor on staff, inventory, or even a single employee!
Highest Payouts in the Industry
We offer the highest payouts anywhere to our affiliates. For those of you not in the business, the membership is between $15.95-$69.95, depending on which subscription your clients decides to purchase. Combine that with a closing ratio of sales to visitors of over 40% and you have real potential to make serious dollars. We are the only company willing to make this kind of deal! The way we see it, both parties win...
What Our Affiliates Are Saying:
"You guys are great! I literally receive emails every day praising the excellent customer service you guys have been providing for my site. And I just can't believe the commitment you have to making affiliates happy and providing an honest affiliate program. My sales have gone up dramatically since the switch [from another pharmacy provider] and my income has increased by ten times! It has been a life changing experience and I just can't thank you enough." - D.C.


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